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Date: Thursday, May 25 @ 01:35:37 EDT
Topic: Site annoucements

I have had a donation button on Carrot Juice for about a year now. I have recently updated it to include a monthly goal and meter on it. You will donate through Paypal (credit card accepted) so you know your information is secure. The payment will be going to a company named Crazy Computing (my other website and side business {If you live in the Tampa / St. Pete area and need computer help contact me if you need computer help.}).

It costs money and time to keep Carrot Juice going. There are costs to keep the domain name and costs to host Carrot Juice on a server. I also am constantly updating Carrot Juice in ways that you see (content, recipes, etc) and in ways you don't see (code updates, keeping out the spam and hackers). I do have a few ads here and there on Carrot Juice, none of which has generated any revenue for me and I of course will never ever use any of those stupid pop ups or pop unders. I am not asking you to pay for my time, and Carrot Juice is of course always free, I also do not ask that you pay for membership, you just join and you have access to the entire site.

If you like Carrot Juice, if it is helpful to you and you like it, tell your friends, and pass it on, and give a buck or two.

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