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Date: Sunday, October 01 @ 18:11:29 EDT
Topic: Site annoucements

Around three or four years ago when I started to design this site one of the things that I wrestled with in my head was whether or not I wanted to put banner ads on my site or not. I contemplated this for a long time. I am the kind of person who does not like going to a site and seeing a ton of ads everywhere they go. Especially those annoying pop ups, popovers, and the beat the beaver for a prize ones. I also wanted to promote my website, and the best way was those link exchange banner ads. I did some research and chose what I thought to be reputable companies and ones that will show the normal banner without any kind of pop up on the ad it's self, and was a simple non annoying ad. I also used Google ads to help with my page rank, and Amazon hoping to help me financially with the upkeep of this site.

The ads that I had here were in my opinion, small, unobtrusive and minimal.

Recently I have had a change of heart. I have removed all ads from this site that do not directly promote this site or the other sites that I own and maintain. I hope you understand my cross promotion of my sites and my promotion of merchandise that directly promotes this website.

I want to make this place a place that you can come to and actively participate in without any worry of being sold out or used. I have forums, articles, blogs, recipes and other features here for you to use. If you like it here, tell your friends, word of mouth promotion is the best promotion that I can think of. And I am always open to comments and suggestions. Send me a PM or use the feedback and let me know what you would like to see or like to see different. I do listen, and I will take your ideas into consideration and implement them as I have done in the past.

Thank you to the ones who do come here and have contributed to this site. This place is for you.

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