Florida Expressway to Entomb Live Gopher Tortoises
Date: Sunday, April 08 @ 21:16:45 EDT
Topic: wrong and bad

Dear Jared,

PETA was just alerted to an urgent situation in Central Florida. A permit has reportedly been issued to the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority, which has been authorized to pave a new freeway interchange over the habitat of helpless gopher tortoises—a threatened species—as well as dozens of other sensitive species. Click here to read more about this disturbing situation. According to wildlife experts, it could take months—up to a year—for tortoises who are buried alive to die of suffocation, dehydration, and starvation in their burrows.

Please contact Orange County authorities immediately and urge them to halt construction of this expressway at once. Demand that they explore humane alternatives by consulting with experts. There is no justification for allowing these animals to suffer and die in agony.

Please send polite comments to:

Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
525 S. Magnolia Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801
407-316-3801 (fax)

The Honorable Richard Crotty
Mayor of Orange County
201 S. Rosalind Ave., 5th Fl.
Orlando, FL 32801
407-836-7360 (fax)

Commissioner Teresa Jacobs (district1@ocfl.net)
Commissioner Fred Brummer (district2@ocfl.net)
Commissioner Mildred Fernandez (district3@ocfl.net)
Commissioner Linda Stewart (district4@ocfl.net)
Commissioner Bill Segal (district5@ocfl.net)
Commissioner Tiffany Moore (district6@ocfl.net)
Board of County Commissioners
201 S. Rosalind Ave., 5th Fl.
Orlando, FL 32801

407-836-5879 (fax)

Please forward this message to others who might be willing to lend their voices to this important issue.

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