Tampa Florida Mayor Pam Iorio going hybrid
Date: Tuesday, April 10 @ 04:26:42 EDT
Topic: Enviroment

Mayor Pam IorioTampa Florida Mayor Pam Iorio traded in her Lincoln Town Car for a Toyota Camry Hybrid. This is a great step forward in getting the public into the idea of using a hybrid vehicle. The Hybrid that Mayor Iorio will be driving gets an estimated 40 miles per gallon.

Mayor Iorio has also started a pilot hybrid vehicle replacement program starting with ten Ford Escape Hybrids. These ten cars will each use five less barrels of gas every year.

Please write Mayor Iorio and praise her for her efforts to help the enviroment by using a hybrid car and ask her to persue more ways to use less gas and help reduce global warming. Also remind her of the impact that the meat and dairy industries have on the enviroment as well. You can reach her at:

City of Tampa, Mayor's Office
306 East Jackson Street
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 274-8211
Or by filling out this form online:

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