No laughing matter
Date: Thursday, April 29 @ 00:43:59 EDT
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No laughing matter source: MSNBC

Funny man Bill Maher sent an email to staffers and faculty at Columbia. But not everyone is amused.

Maher, an animal rights advocate, fired off the bitingly sarcastic missive, blasting Columbia for conducting experiments on baboons and other primates, and asking Columbia staffers to join him in protesting the tests. "[One] experimenter is trying to study the effects of stress on women’s menstrual cycles by implanting metal pipes into the skulls of rhesus monkeys," writes Maher. "One hundred million women in America with PMS, and this guy's Frankensteining monkeys? It’s just a wild guess on my part, but wouldn’t he learn more from talking to actual women under stress than from plumbing monkey heads?"

Maher continues: "Tossing millions of dollars of tax money out the window is one thing — think searching for ice on Mars — but wasting money to cause strokes in, disfigure and terrorize animals puts Columbia in an ugly and embarrassing position." Then he tries to recruit the Columbia employees to his cause and directs them to

A spokeswoman for Columbia had no comment at press time.

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