Geese Gassed Despite Neighbors' Petition
Date: Saturday, July 03 @ 12:24:01 EDT
Topic: wrong and bad

Friday July 02, 2004 7:36am
source: WJLA

Olney, Md. (AP) - Some neighbors in Olney's Waterview community are upset that their homeowners association had a flock of Canada geese put to death.

The geese had been a fixture in the community's pond for almost ten years, and members of the community launched a campaign to stop the homeowners' association, called Environ, from going through with its plans.

Environ officials say there were too many complaints about droppings. Many residents cried as they watched contractors round up 100 geese on Thursday, then put them in a van and kill them with carbon monoxide.

Members of the community gathered 200 signatures on a petition, believing that would trigger and emergency homeowners' meeting, but the association decided to euthanize the birds anyway.

There are still a dozen geese left on the pond.

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