Vegan Parental Rights Endangered
Date: Wednesday, September 08 @ 10:44:51 EDT
Topic: Activism suggestions


Would you want your child taken from you because you refused to feed him/her meat, dairy or other animal products? As a mother, would you feel comfortable knowing that your nursing child had been taken from you and placed in a foster home where he/she would be fed commercial baby food and milk-based baby formula? That his/her social and emotional needs were being ignored, even though you and your spouse adhered to tenets of Attachment Parenting and the Continuum Concept (both proven to optimize child development)?

There's a witch hunt in our midst:


If you are a lawyer, a medical professional, a holistic practitioner, or a parenting expert, please respond ASAP. This family needs advocates from the vegan and vegetarian communities DESPERATELY, before their family is torn apart again.

If you are a nursing vegan or vegetarian mother, or a practicing vegan/vegetarian (parent or not), GET THE WORD OUT! Feel free to cross-post this message to other vegan/vegetarian groups, tell your friends about this injustice, spread the word.

Write to the Editors of the Daily News and the New York Post. Tell them that this sort of slanted journalism is unacceptable. and


This concerns my godson's future, his parents' rights, and the rights of all vegan/vegetarian parents to raise their children as they choose, without unwanted interventoin. I was raised vegan and vegetarian, and have been healthier and freer of childhood illness, infection and disease because of my mother and father's wise choices. Because New York City's medical "professionals" are uninformed about the benefits of a vegan/vegetarian diet, *especially* for children, they have mounted an attack on my godson's well-being. He was a healthy, happy, breast-fed, vegan/organic, well-adjusted baby before he was taken from his parents (after an emergency hospital visit for a high fever) and placed in foster care. The cause? Iron-deficiency anemia (9.1), which -- as most medical professionals should know -- is common in all children, even those who eat meat or dairy. From Medline, "Drinking too much cow's milk is a classic cause of iron deficiency in young children." (Full article, click here:

Thank you for your time, and please help if you can....
-Arien Muzacz

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