Elvis Is Dead
Date: Wednesday, October 27 @ 22:29:41 EDT
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SARASOTA, FL -- He was a neighborhood pet, a five foot alligator nicknamed Elvis, but after a brutal attack, he's dead.

Kathy Munkelwitz takes a walk along a pond in her neighborhood almost everyday, but Sunday she noticed something out of the ordinary. It was a knife handle sticking out of the water.

When she took a closer look, she saw that the knife was suck into the head of a small alligator.

The alligator nicknamed Elvis has been in the pond for years. Neighbors say he's never been aggressive, that's why they're so upset about what happened. They say someone attacked the alligator.

State wildlife officers were called out to the scene, and trapped the alligator. They found Elvis was so badly hurt and suffering he would need to be destroyed.

Neighbors like Kathy Munkelwitz say they're not happy about what happened, but they're happy Elvis is going to a better place. "I basically don't want the animal to suffer, I would like him to live because he was here before us."

Wildlife Conservation Agents are now looking for the person that stabbed Elvis. They say hurting or killing an alligator is a third degree felony and could mean jail time.

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