Protest! Please attend!
Date: Friday, February 18 @ 00:57:00 EST
Topic: Annouce your protest

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How would you like to be a circus animal stolen from your family, beat, and chained for life? we can help each one of them Please attend my protest this saturday evening for a fun and creative protest against "The Great Circus of China" a circus that brags of having the only performing pandas in the world along with asian elephants covered with scars, lions forced to do the "lion dance" and much more. The worst part is that this circus will show 3 times in one day. The animals need us to speak for them! Please join my protest, which will feature distinctive very eye cathing hand made signs, cute ideas like getting those little packages of cleanixes(sold ten little packs for $1.00) and tie a ribbion around each one with a paper attatched that says "cry for the circus animals they are being abused," and awesome animal masks and handcuffs to wear simbilzing confinement and of course lots of lit. This circus has been publicized sooo much we need to fight back however we can, because most of these people have never even thought of circuses being cruel so we can make a BIG difference! Please join me at the following date and time if you live in KANSAS, OKLAHOMA or TEXAS:

Time/date: Febuary 19th, protest starts at 6:00 Location: Liberal Kansas at the activity center/fairgrounds, we will meet in the parking lot before the protest

Please attend if you can it's SOO important! if you can attend email me at: so I know how many people to expect.

This will be a fun protest I hope to see each of you there!

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