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Date: Monday, October 31 @ 11:20:32 EST
Topic: Animal rights

Following his guilty plea Peter Young has admitted to six raids carried out over a two-week period. These raids were as follows:

2400 mink released from Turbak Mink Ranch, Watertown, SD.
2000 mink and 100 foxes released from Circle K Ranch, Sioux City, Iowa.
1 mink released and breeding records destroyed at Fasset Fur Farm, Webster City, Iowa.
300 mink released from Ott Fur Farm, Tomahawk, Wisconsin.
800 mink released from Smieja Fur Farm, Independence, Wisconsin.
2500 mink released from Dittrich Fur Farm, Medford, Wisconsin.

Write Peter and let him know that you support what he did.. that the fight for liberation will rage on until every prisoner (human and non-human) is free. Solidarity means attack!

Peter Young, #223341
Dane County Jail
115 West Doty St
Madison, WI 53703

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