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Date: Sunday, November 27 @ 01:24:47 EST
Topic: Celebrities

From my blog entry:

... Kate Bush has a new CD out! It is called Ariel. RR.com had a video of the new single "King of the Mountain". I was on the site looking up other info helping one of the reps, and it didn't quite hit me until I looked and put two and two together, then I went to Amazon and lo and behold! So this day is starting out fucking positive! I am going to have to buy the new cd for sure. I hope Kate Bush tours. I will deffinately go, I don't care how much it will cost, and I will buy the shirt to go along with it too. ...

Isn't that exciting?

Ok, it is for me. And I am posting it here because she is a veggie and it has been 12 years since her last release and it is good and I am excited!

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