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  Health GoChi Goji

Do you need more energy without drugs and caffeine?

Then try GoChi the mouth watering juice that will increase your energy, supercharge your immune system and melt your stress away.

Goji berries grows on top of the world closest to the sun in the mystical Himalayas, in soil that is incredibly rich in minerals, upturned from deep within the earth eons ago.

Goji's health benefits have been enjoyed for 4,000 years by the Himalayan people who were the first natural healers. Their traditions have been passed on since the very beginning of civilization and now to you.
  Posted by c0c0c0on Tuesday, February 05 @ 11:25:55 EST (14877 reads)
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  Health Rendering: From RoadKill to Cat Food

By Rachel Naba
Source: The Earth Center

A pile of dead animals covers the floor of the rendering plant, covered with maggots. The humming of the flies swarming around the bodies is mere background noise as mini-bulldozers gather the carcasses for processing. As the bodies are dropped into a large pot for grinding, their bones, viscera, eyes, brains, and fur or feathers become a giant mixture of "meat product". After the raw product is cut and shredded, it is loaded into a large cooking pot and cooked for anywhere between twenty to ninety minutes. The grease, often called yellow fat or tallow, is skimmed from the top of the cooked mixture, and the cooked meat and bones are processed further, dehydrated, and made into meat meal or bone meal. Farmers rely on this industry to dispose of their livestock waste (down or dead cows, sheep, etc), and slaughterhouses rid themselves of parts considered inedible for humans (feathers, cow heads, hoofs, viscera, etc), diseased meat, scraps, and contaminated products. Dead zoo animals and roadkill can also be found in the mixture, as well as euthanized cats and dogs from vet clinics and animal shelters. It is the rendering business, and it is one of the most behind-the-scenes businesses in the food industry. It has progressed almost silently for many years, and many people have been unaware of its existence or influence - until recently. News about Mad Cow Disease and other health problems has hit the streets, and eyes are beginning to turn to the rendering business and the uses of its products. Meat is the main part of a meal for many Americans, and this practice is promoted by the meat and poultry industries. But, unlike more traditional and Earthly cultures, Americans have an extreme attitude of consumerism and waste. Unlike other cultures that use every part of an animal that is killed for food (the hide, hooves, ears, meat - everything is either eaten or made into other tools or products), consumers in "first world" countries use only a limited portion of each animal (roughly half of each cow and one third of each pig is considered waste material). The rendering industry, however, takes care of this waste problem. They take animal waste, diseased or rotten meat, dead pets and zoo animals, restaurant scraps and grease and convert it into "usable" products. The finished products: tallow/grease and meat/bone meal. Their uses: candles, soaps, pharmaceuticals, gummy candies, lubricants, pet food, livestock food, and much more.

  Posted by c0c0c0on Sunday, February 04 @ 03:05:20 EST (3709 reads)
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  Health Vegan diet taught as cancer deterrent

CLASSES: Plant-based foods also work against heart disease, diabetes.

Anchorage Daily News
(Published: January 17, 2007)

WILLOW -- Linda Blanchard took up running 23 years ago, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She figured regular exercise and getting herself from her home in Willow to her daily radiation treatments in Anchorage was about all she could do to combat the disease.

Some seven or eight years later, she learned that food might play a role in cancer survival. She started eating more fruits and vegetables, and she cut back on fats. She began opting for chicken or fish instead of beef on a pretty regular basis.

Today the 59-year-old retired school nurse wants to know what else she can do. She's attending weekly cooking classes sponsored by the Cancer Project to find out. The Cancer Project is a national nonprofit health organization. Its Food for Life: Nutrition and Cooking Class is an eight-week series developed by physicians, nutrition experts and registered dietitians.

  Posted by c0c0c0on Tuesday, January 23 @ 23:00:00 EST (6924 reads)
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  Health Vegetarians Rebuild the Pyramid

jellie writes "…with some help of the dietitians, naturally.

Did you know there is a vegetarian/vegan food pyramid?
After 15 years of being bombarded with “Canada’s Food Guide for Healthy Eating” there is an alternative for vegetarians and vegans who avoid the “dairy” and most of the “meat and alternatives” categories. Luckily, the new food pyramid - unlike so many vegetarian restaurant dishes - these crucial categories aren’t just left out.
Back in 2003, an article entitled “A New Food Guide For North American Vegetarians” was published. It was designed as a companion to “Position of the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada: Vegetarian Diets”, published earlier. (FYI, the position was in favour of well-planned vegetarian diets, of course! See link below.) Anyway, I personally do not remember any hype surrounding the release of this paper. I have heard that Canada’s Food Guide is second only to the income tax Guide in distribution…one would think any variations on this would make waves.

Regardless, if you’ve ever seen a non-vegetarian food pyramid, you know they are totally useless for those of us who abstain from meat and/or animal products. Do beans count as a protein or a vegetable? What about soy milk? Does it count at all? Is tofu a calcium source like dairy, or a protein like chicken?
Here is a brief summary of the new guide, with a little commentary from me. I suppose it’s worth mentioning I have no association with the Dietitians of Canada or with this article and the opinions below are mine. The guide is published as a public policy statement which can be found here: http://www.dietitians.ca/news/downloads/Vegetarian_Food_Guide_for_NA.pdf

A Brief Summary in Comparison to the Traditional, Non-vegetarian Food Guide:
- Grains: Old guide - 5-12 servings
New guide - 6 servings, where 1 serving = 1/2 cup cooked or 1 slice bread

- Legumes, nuts protein-rich foods
Old Guide: 2-3 servings meat and alternatives
Vegetarian Guide: 5 servings(1/2 cup tofu/beans, ¼ cup nuts, 2 tbsp. nut butter)

- Calcium-rich foods
Old Guide: 2-4 servings dairy per day ( 1 serving = 1 cup or ~300mg calcium)
Vegetarian Guide: 10, 100mg calcium servings of dairy or alternatives
100 mg of calcium is found in 1/2 cup milk or soy milk, 5 figs, 1 serving tofu.
Calcium-set tofu, tempeh, almonds, soynuts count as both protein and calcium.

- Vegetables
Old Guide: 5-10 fruit and vegetable per day
Vegetarian Guide: 4 (1 cup raw or ½ cup cooked)
Bok choy, broccoli, kale, mustard greens, collards, okra also count as calcium-rich

- Fruits
Old Guide: 5-10 fruits and vegetables per day
Vegetarian Guide: 2 (1 medium, ½ cup cut, or ¼ cup dried)
More vegetables than fruits due to higher phytochemical density in veggies

- Fats
Old Guide: limit
Vegetarian Guide: 2 (1 tsp. each) Aim for omega-3-rich sources

The authors point out several areas of concern in meatless diets:

• Calcium
• Omega-3 (aka n-3) fats
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin B-12
• Avoid sweets and alcohol

It is wonderful to see there is no mention of protein here. The misconception that vegetarians – and especially vegans – must be protein-deficient still runs rampant but perhaps that myth is finally going out of style.

Vegan sources of calcium include broccoli, greens such as kale or collards, fortified soy and plant milks; figs, almonds, and tofu/whole soybeans. Building strong bones depends on many factors like weight-bearing exercise, diet, and genetics, but consuming enough calcium – about 1000 mg per day - can help.

Omega-3 Fats
I wish there were a setting for DOUBLE BOLD PRINT because this category is one near and dear to my heart. Omega-3s are highly researched and have recently been shown to not only play essential roles in body functions, but also to protect against chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Unfortunately most research seems to be done with fish oils, which provide a more bio-available (useable) form of omega-3. So what does this mean for vegetarians? It means we must find plant sources of these fats to keep our bodies functioning properly – omega-3s are essential to everything from brain and neuronal development to recovery from exercise.
The Vegetarian food Pyramid recommends at least two servings of omega-3 rich foods per day, but unless you are medications or have healthy issues, I have read and I believe that more is more. The food pyramid servings are meant to be minimums so more may be needed to satisfy caloric needs, don’t be shy. According to the pyramid, 1 serving is equal to 1 tsp. flax oil, 3 tsp. canola or soybean oil, 1 tbsp. ground flaxseed, or ¼ cup walnuts. Walnut oil is also delicious used in salad dressings.

Vitamin D
The human body can make its own vitamin D with the help of the sun, and vegetarians are no exception. Fifteen minutes of sunlight on exposed, non-sunscreened skin daily is all it takes. If this is impossible (I’m talking to you, computer nerds!) try fortified milk, non-dairy milk, or breakfast cereals.

Vitamin B-12
This is the only vitamin not naturally occurring in a single vegan food, unless you happen to have some rotting food on your hands. But can’t a vegan diet be complete and cruelty-free? Indeed! Although vitamin B12 is only present in milk, eggs, and meat, fortification options are available. Fortified nutritional yeast (RedStar brand) will do the trick at 1.5 Tbsp. per day. B-12 is also added to many soy milks, cereals, and fake meats.
It seems counter-intuitive that a vegan diet is not nutritionally complete, and this is indeed another myth. We require B12 because we evolved consuming foods rife with bacteria – fresh from the soil, and also consumed un-fresh produce which may have been starting to decompose. B-12 is actually a bacterial by-product, but we are just too darn hygienic these days so it may be difficult to get enough.
Getting enough B-12 is an real concern and I do know individuals with deficiencies. Deficiency can cause severe neurological impairment, which is irreversible, and there are no immediate symptoms. Don’t neglect this one.

Avoid sweets and Alcohol
Both these things can add empty calories to a diet – i.e. they provide little nutritional value for relatively many calories. To consume adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals vegetarians need, the diet should consist mostly of high-quality whole foods in their natural states. Sugary foods – or anything with added sugar, for that matter – should be an occasional treat. Our bodies have survived for centuries without white sugar, flour, additives, and fast food. We are adapted to consuming fresh, unadulterated nourishment. As for alcohol? Well it’s natural, luckily! Most research points to alcohol (in moderation) being beneficial to health…just don’t go overboard.


  Posted by c0c0c0on Friday, January 20 @ 02:27:23 EST (3759 reads)
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  Health Complete Guide to Urine Therapy

By: Coen Van Der Kroon
Source: Universal Tao

Urine consists of 95% of water, 2.5% of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals , salts, hormones and enzymes. Only urea , the substance after which urine is named, can be poisonous when present in the blood. However, this is irrelevant in the practice of drinking urine, as urine is not immediately put back in the bloodstream. In small amounts urea gets back into the body, it is purifying, and clears up excess mucus. Urine is entirely sterile after secretion and has an antiseptis effect.

One of the liver's most important functions is detoxification of the blood. The liver removes poisonous substances from the blood and either stores them or secretes them into the gall bladder. In the latter case, the poisonous substances end up as bile in the intestinal canal. They then leave the body in the form of defecation. After the blood is detoxified by the liver, it flows to the kidneys.

The kidney's most important function consists of balancing out all elements in the blood. They remove all superfluous vital substances from the blood, and filter out a surplus of water. This water and the vital substances consequently form urine. In order to save energy and bring the blood into balance, the kidneys remove unused enzymes from the blood. The same goes for hor-mones, minerals and other substances. It is clear that urine is full of vital elements, which can hardly be called waste products.

  Posted by c0c0c0on Sunday, April 17 @ 01:56:24 EDT (17148 reads)
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